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Face Yoga

Face Yoga

Face yoga, or face exercise, is an exceptional technique to pause time and slow down the ageing process and its signs on the face. The founder is Fumiko Takatsu, who’s been practising this method for more than 15 years. Moreover, it helped her to recover from unwanted signs on her face caused by a car accident. Although you’d never be able to guess so, Fumiko is over 50 years old now. It’s not because she’s Japanese, about whom we think they don’t age. Gravity works the same way towards everybody regardless of nationality. Even Japanese or other Asians have sagging eyelids, cheeks, or double chins. The reason why we think the Japanese don’t age is that speaking Japanese activate few facial muscles. Therefore, language is the main factor influencing the number of wrinkles. Japanese people rarely have wrinkles on the forehead, because they use only 20% of their facial muscles. That’s the reason why it seems that the Japanese ladies don’t age or age much slower. Slavic or American people use 80% of their facial muscles, and therefore, by using many muscles or not using the muscles the right way, we can spot more wrinkles on their faces much sooner. 

Face yoga is strengthening and shaping the muscles on the face. Similar to exercising our body, we can exercise our muscles from the neck above. Did you know we have about 60 of them in that area?

picture source:  https://freepik.con/kjpargeter

If we don’t exercise the muscles, whether those of the face or the body, they weaken. With age, we lose about 30-40% of our muscles. Furthermore, the gravity that makes us stand on the ground drags everything down. Unfortunately, our skin and facial muscles are not an exception. Adding unconscious gestures and bad habits, which we repeat many times throughout the day, doesn’t only contribute to sagging facial skin, but also many unnecessary wrinkles and asymmetries.

​With this method, I can teach you how to build strong facial muscles and how to consciously control them. As a result, your contours of your face will be more toned and your skin more radiant. 

The first signs of ageing are seen on the facial skin. Your face is the most visible part, and nearly never hidden. By working the muscles of the face, the skin becomes more toned as it is connected to the muscles. By exercising, the muscles get firmer and tonic, resulting in smoother and nicer skin. At the same time, it promotes better circulation to the skin, which means more oxygen and nutrients flow to the skin. The result is glowing and radiant skin. By exercising facial muscles, we can also speed up skin metabolism, which slows down with age, leading to slower cell renewal. Face yoga boosts this metabolism, ensuring faster cell renewal and youthful skin appearance.

People spend many hours at the gym to maintain a nice looking and sporty body, often forgetting to pay attention to their faces. Only a few minutes of face yoga a day is enough for the results to be visible.

The list of conditions below are signs that indicate the need to strengthen your facial muscles:

  • smaller eyes 
  • falling eyelids 
  • under-eye puffiness
  • dark circles under eyes
  • swollen eyes or other parts of the face
  • asymmetry of eyes, eyebrows or mouth 
  • longer and more visible nasolabial wrinkles
  • sagging cheeks 
  • sagging corners of the mouth 
  • unnatural smile due to sagging corners of the mouth and cheeks 
  • less defined facial contours
  • chubbier face even without gaining weight
  • overall sagging and wrinkled skin
  • more wrinkles on the neck and neckline 
  • double chin despite not being overweight 
  • morning wrinkles not disappearing fast enough 
  • unconsciously open mouth
  • occasional difficulties with articulation and speech

Thermographic picture before and after excercise

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