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1) Is there a risk I will create more wrinkles with face yoga?

The exercise done correctly will not cause wrinkles. Similar to the way the proper techniques in working out the body is essential, the same applies to face yoga techniques. I will teach you how to exercise correctly to prevent further unwanted wrinkles.


2) How often and how long do I have to practice face yoga? 

Face Yoga shouldn’t take up much of your time. It’s important to learn how to do the exercises properly in front of the mirror. Afterwards, when you’re sure how to do the exercises without hurting yourself, you can practice in the car, while cooking or even in public transportation. Everyone gradually finds out what suits them best, but it is ideal to practice 5-15 minutes a day. In the morning right after you wake up, and in the evening before bedtime.In the morning we exercise and warm up the muscles in the same way as someone does yoga or jogging. Facial yoga awakens the facial muscles and helps to eliminate unconscious gestures that often cause wrinkles. In the evening we relax the muscles again, which is an excellent way of preventing us from sleeping with all the stress and negative emotions that we accumulate during the day.


3) What age group is Face Yoga intended for?

Face yoga does not have an age restriction. You can start in your 20s, which is great prevention and a way to achieve a more symmetrical face. Many young people suffer from asymmetry, whether it is a lower eyebrow or one eye smaller than the other, or asymmetry in another area of the face. Facial yoga can help eliminate all of these.We can look younger, better and more confident in every age. Regardless of how old you are, you can build and strengthen your face muscles and so naturally, without pain or risk, permanently delay the ageing process. Regular exercise will strengthen the contours of your face, and wrinkles will soften, making you look younger by 5-7 years.


4) When will the results be visible?

Some people see the results right away, after the first practice. The reason is better blood circulation to the skin, which means more oxygen and more nutrients flow into the skin. Most people see results after 2-3 weeks of regular practice.Please be aware that measuring facial changes is much more difficult than measuring the body changes where we can use different measuring devices such as a meter or a scale. Therefore, I highly recommend taking “Before and After” photos to see the changes, and to keep yourself motivated.


5) Can I practice the Face Yoga Method even though I’ve got botox or/and a face-lift?

Yes, you can. Face Yoga Method can be combined with these facial treatments too. However, since botox complicates muscle movements on the face, it can be harder to move the proper muscles during the exercise. The Face Yoga Method helps you to be aware of facial movements during the day, thus, as a result, you might not need the botox refill as often. Later on, you might not need the botox at all and you will replace it by Face Yoga Method completely. In case you won’t give up the botox on a certain area on your face, e.g. forehead, you can still work on your cheeks, mouth, jaw and chin area or any other parts you would like to improve.

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